It’s the 300 year celebration of the completion of Castle Igros and the establishment of Queen Elaine’s trade routes. Races from all across Adamast are gathering in Igros City, in preparation of the month long festival. Envoys from the Eladrin City of Silvermoon, the Dwarven city of Ganther and the elven nations have arrived as well, all honored guest of King Willim and Queen Inara.

With such happy events on the horizon, what could possibly go wrong?

Character beginnings: At the start of the adventure, you either a) work for the King’s guard, b) work for a noble house or c) have been approached by a noble while in the city and have been hired on the spot.

For options b and c, the noble’s aren’t really sure what is going on, but the King has requested that the noble houses offer up one person from their staff for a quick mission of good will. For option b, you may have worked from the Noble for years or recently came on staff. For option c, the noble house has refused to give up any necessary staff and just went and hired a stranger. They are willing to take the risk of that stranger disgracing the house.

For option a, you work for the King and they picked you to go.

Character creation will follow the standard 22 point buy as listed in the Player’s Handbook, and standard 100 g for starting equipment.


The map of all of Adamast is a bit small, I am working on that. Castle Igros is built into the side of the main mountain range, and is easily the largest of the human cities. The main castle is on a plateau above the city, and has its own walls that separate the castle from the city. The inner city – closest to the castle – is the domain of the noble houses of the human lands. There are are about 10 families of note in Igros and they hire hundreds of people to work in and around their mansions within the walls of the city. The rest of the city is devoted to lodgings and inns for visiting dignitaries and emissaries from the other races. The city continues outside of the walls that used to contain everything 300 years ago. Outside of the city walls, live the merchants, workers and anyone else that can’t afford to live closer to the castle.

Each noble family owns lands somewhere in the human lands.

Legends of Adamast

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