Legends of Adamast

There rat.. there castle!

Bruised and battered from the fight with the wight, the party took a moment to rest and try to figure out the next move. Trazelle noticed something in the adjacent room, and saw a demon pacing back. Moving a bit closer, the demon saw Trazelle and flew into a rage clearly wanting to kill her. However, it was trapped in some sort of invisible prison, and the demon could do little more than throw itself against the clear walls. Curious, the group moved closer to the trapped demon to see just what was going on. It was a strange and vicious looking creature but safely on the other side of the wall, that was until a wererat appeared from the hallway to the north and yelled, “Crypt guardian, I release you!” The demon was immediately freed and attacked the party, throwing itself at Trazelle in an attempt to rend her limb from limb. The party quickly formed up to fight the demon as two more wererats appeared from the north hallway to join the fight. The wererats were not the best fighters, but it didn’t matter since they liked to bite and their bite carried disease. The demon fought with mindless ferocity, claws and scratching anyone that was within range, and the wererats weren’t much better in the intelligence arena and all of them were quickly put to rest. But the toll of fighting was getting to be too much for the party. Those bitten were doing their best to fight off the filth fever that was carried in the rats bite, but it was getting clear that they were going to need to rest and do it soon.

Checking out the hallway where the rats came from, they found an another door, behind which they could hear movement. Attempting to get a small peek inside, Trazelle attempted to open the door quietly, but misjudged and threw the door wide open. Three more wererats and another spriggan had made this new room their home. The room was clearly some sort of temple with a giant black obelisk at the north end that absorbed light just like the strange sun pattern they had found earlier. The rats and spriggan quickly sprung into action, and the spriggan summoned forth a mighty wind that blew most of the party down, sliding them across the ground. Vesis charged into the room, catching one of the rats and the spriggan nearby. Trazelle made her way into the room and summoned forth mystic plants to help protect her new allies and hinder the rats. Two of the wererats avoided the plants and dashed into the hallway to attack Merric, Sahir and Eman. Eman seemed to be the focus of their attacks, and they did their best to bite and claw her. Sahir ran forward and called upon Bahamut to teleport himself and one of the rats back into the plants for a little alone killing time. The spriggan tried to get away from Vesis, which proved to be a fatal mistake and the dragonborn fighter’s axe split him in two. Trazelle, Vesis and Sahir made quick work of one of the wererats and a lucky shot from Merric’s crossbow finished off the other, while Eman was plagued by the last remaining wererat. With the tide turned, the party surrounded the last wererat and force it to surrender. Transforming back into it’s human form, the wererat was nothing more than a teenage boy. Intimidated by the group, especially by Vesis and his deadly axe, the teen spilled everything he knew, which wasn’t much. Wishing the world to be cleansed of this evil, Eman suggested that Vesis finished the job. Much like the goblin before, Vesis’ axe was true and deadly and the young boys cursed existence was ended, release into death being the final mercy given.

The room held the last of the stolen treasures of Brindol, and the sword that Sahir was sent to find at last recovered. Studying the strange obelisk, it was clearly an idol to Vecna and powered by the dark energies that spring from the evil deity. Too massive to move or destroy in their tired state, it was a problem left for another time. A quick recap of their party members brought to light that Jalissa, Sartanian and Thurran were all missing, after being told to stay behind in the battle with the wight. In desperate need rest, the party made their way back to the scrying pool to sleep and locate the missing townfolk. While they began to bed down, Sertanian snuck back to see if things were safe and they were overjoyed to find the party again. Jalissa was especially thrilled to find Sahir and happily slept near him for the evening, the first restful night she had since this whole mess started. While the party slept, the remaining goblin troupes began to worry. No guards were seen, Sinruth had not appeared and their minor explorations turned up dead bodies of their comrades. Someone was in their headquarters and they were loosing. Banding together, they pulled into one room and waited to make a stand and formulate a plan to escape, if possible.

Trazelle’s snoring was annoying loud in the echoing pool room, and even Vesis in the restful bedroll found it hard to sleep well. Waking after 8 hours, the party made their way back to find the last of the townsfolk. Thurran wept again at the sight of his dead father’s body in the spider room, and found minor comfort at Setanian’s side. Exploring to the north, the party found the spiral staircase that Sertanian had mentioned and the former quarters of the remaining goblins. Quietly moving up the stairs, they could see the goblins, huddled together in fear, waiting. A quick charge up the stairs, the party engaged the foes and the battle began. The hallway clogged the room, making it hard to break the goblin line. Two goblins near the back of the room ran off down a side hallway, seemingly out of fear while an archer took shots at the party held by the goblin line. Sahir ran forward ,sliding between worlds to get past the goblin soldiers and straight at the archer. Soon, the goblins were overpowered and fell. However, things were not over and Jalissa, Sertanian and Thurran were confronted by the two goblins who looked to have run away. They actually ran to try to catch the group from the rear, and found the townspeople they had kidnapped. Sertanian did his best to fend them off, but one of them managed to stab Jalissa, her cry of pain alerting the group upstairs. Running back down the staircase, they quick ended the goblin threat. Luckily, Jalissa’s wound was minor and she would survive.



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