Legends of Adamast

Orcs Abound

The warchief proved to be a powerful full and his band of true believers did their best to bring down Trazelle and the rest of the crew. But mostly Trazelle because of the past. Sahir focused on the eye of Grummish while Trazelle and Vesis kept the warchief occupied and locked down. Merric and Eman peppered in shots where they could while avoiding the crushing blows of the warchief’s lieutenants who moved around the battle field trying to wear the whole group down. Eventually, the orcs fell before the might of the party and only warchief Damok was left standing. His pride wouldn’t let him stop until he saw Trazelle subjugated before him or dead, but that wasn’t meant to be. The advance scouting party had been dealt with, and the party began to examine the bodies to learn any information possible. Trazelle noticed that the Orcs being lead by Damok were all from different tribes, tribes that used to be hostile toward each other. The Orc priest had a few rituals, an everlasting basket of rations and a divine rod that the party was able to put to good use. Dealing with the bodies, the party continued their trek to the mountains, camping at the foot of the mountain climb as night fell to get a better start on the day.

The winding mountain pass to the monastery was easy to follow and the large walls and massive gates that protected the monastery loomed before the party of heroes. Small wisps of smoke could be seen behind the wall, and Merric called out to the protectors of the monastery to let them know they had arrived. Silence and shuffling footsteps were the only replies. Sensing something was wrong, the party moved to the gate to see that it was oddly open already. Pushing their way in, they discovered that the Orcs had already arrived and a few had made camp in the courtyard of the Monastery. Eager for a fight, the Orcs quickly engaged the party but were quickly put down. It was clear that the Orcs were not expecting anyone to arrive and had place only a minor guard at the front. Quickly moving forward, the party entered the Monastery proper and found a blood bath in side. Bodies of dead dwarven monks lay on the floor before them and Orcs infested the walls.

Upon the main dais of the Monastery, an Orc Eye of Grummish stood and ordered an attack. The Eye had shattered and desecrated the holy alter and howled angrily at the party as they made their way into the Monastery. Two orcs peppered crossbow bolts down upon the party from catwalks above while the Eye called forth dark magics to try and slow the party down. Trazelle and Vesis rushed forward to bring this to a swift end, while Sahir, Merric and Eman took care of the Orcs with the crossbows. The Eye was not alone, and reinforcements showed up from behind the dais to help finish off the party. Ultimately, they proved to be no match for the heroes and quickly fell. Standing on the dais, the party could see that the reinforcements had come from a doorway located on the back of the dais. Peering into the doorway, they could see a long, spiral staircase that disappears into darkness and leads down into the depths of the Monastery.


MOAR MERRIC! Less other people.

Orcs Abound

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