Legends of Adamast

Operation Orc Boil

Kalad quickly prepped the party for the last bit of business in the Nexus, sealing off the tunnels to stop the orc invasion. In the center of the room is a platform with controls to close off the tunnels with the hot water from the pipes. All they needed to do was get there and make it happen. Upon entering the final room, the party was faced with a large, open room with the ceiling 100 feet above them. Along the wall was the stone catwalk that gradually led to the main platform and the control panel. 6 tunnels led off into the underdark at various points in the room, and it was these tunnels that the party needed to make sure were sealed off. As they began the climb toward the center, the orc army arrived. The first wave came out of a nearby tunnel and were easily dealt with, but they weren’t the only ones coming. Soon, Orog militants blocked the parties path and two orc bolters and their bellybows took position at the far end of the room so they could rain pain down upon the party.

Orcs began appearing from tunnels behind the party and in front and while they fought, the Orog chief Tusk and his Shadar-kai Warlock companion Myrissa made their way into the room. Each had a plan, and for Myrissa she needed high ground to be able to lay her curse on each member of the party. Tusk knew about the control panel and what it meant from the dwarves he killed that used to guard the Nexus. He slowly made his way up the catwalk to the control panel, while the party was locked down by his army of orcs. Sahir remained near the back of the party, dealing with the threats that kept appearing from tunnels they had already passed, while Vesis and Trazelle took the main push, trying to finish off the Orogs. Merric and Eman did their best at dealing with the ranged attackers. Merric would take shots to clear paths for the party, while Eman did her best to blast the bolters with righteous fire – forcing one of the bolters to fall from the catwalk to the ground below, a fall that the bolter just survived with her minor skill with acrobatics but destroying the bow in the process. Tusk was undaunted by the numbers of dead orcs that were piling up, since many more were coming. He focused his attention on smashing the control panel and making it inoperable. Myrissa took her time cursing as many party members as she could, but her attacks often missed.

With the Orog militants finally taken care of, the party hurried up the catwalk to stop Tusk and Myrissa. Eman forced another bolter off the edge of the catwalk, where she fell to her death, while Merric killed the incoming grunts that might threaten to block the party’s advancement. Sahir was busy with the seemingly infinite amount of orcs that kept coming from the tunnels they had already passed. Kalad ran up front with Trazelle and Vesis, knowing that they needed to get to the control panel before all was lost. Myrissa kept on taking shots at the group, but fell to Eman’s sliding trick, tumbling from her high perch. In fury, she unleashed her most powerful attack, ripping the life out of those that she had cursed before shadow jumping back to her place at the top of the center platform. Trazelle, Vesis and Kalad all charged Tusk once the path was clear, and Tusk showed them why he was leading the army. Huge swings of his sword cut everything around him, and Kalad jumped in front of one of Tusks swings to keep Vesis safe. Myrissa chided Kalad’s actions and wished him a quick death like his friends. She last curse was all he could take, and Kalad fell. However, the party had enough time to regroup and pressed the attack on Tusk, bringing him down before turning to Myrissa and ending her life as well.

The control panel was badly damaged, and initial attempts to repair it were proving to be futile. Merric quickly brought Kalad back to life, and with his expertise, they could start repairing the controls. But the tide of orcs was far from over, and more and more orcs kept pouring out of the tunnels. Trazelle and Vesis formed a protective line, allowing Sahir, Kalad and Merric time to repair the control panel. While Trazelle and Vesis fought, Eman kept up her ranged attacks, thinning out the orcs as best she could. But the army wouldn’t stop, and about 40 orcs had filled the hall all making their way toward the party. But it was too late, the control panel had been repaired and with a few switches, the giant plug that kept the water at bay was opened, and boiling water poured into the room. Within seconds, the first tunnel was sealed and the steam and heat was quickly growing unbearable. With at ladder nearby, leading up to an escape hatch in the ceiling, the party grabbed what they could from Tusk and Myrissa and fled up the ladder, sealing the room behind them and the orc army tried in vain to stop the flow of the water. Within minutes, they could hear the screams of the orc army and the heat from the water and then it was silent. The last route was sealed and the orc invasion had been thwarted. Kalad led the group back through the winding tunnels and out to the abandoned campsite.

In Myrissa’s bag, they found a note that added to the mystery. The note read:


I hope this letter finds you well. Our partnership in this endeavor has already proven quite fruitful and I believe that the orc army will find great success. I trust that the supplies that I sent are in order and to your liking, and that more awaits you once the orcs control Overlook. The payment we have agreed upon is to my liking and as promised I have sent one of my trusted servants – Iranda – to meet you with two more samples of what I can offer. You will know him by the hammer and sword he carries. Iranda will have further instructions on how to meet me upon your arrival in Overlook.

Glory to the Orcs, MD”

Gathering their horses and the ones left by the Farstriders, the party returned to Overlook victorious.



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