Legends of Adamast

On the case

The party returned to Overlook leaving the Nexus behind them. Traveling all night, the party arrived at the High Hall with Kalad and made their report to the grateful council. The party learned that the siege on Bordin’s Watch was still ongoing, and that the King had sent part of his army to end the orc invasion there. Since the Watch was at least a 2 day ride away, the council had no more information regarding the invasion but they were sending a messenger to get the news from the front. Asking that their actions be kept quiet for the moment, the party advised the council not to release to the public the state of the invasion just yet and the council agreed to not build hope until it was clear that it was over. It would be 4 days until official word would arrive in Overlook and that would give the party time to find this MD person. Sleeping at the rooms provided at the high hall, the party rested after the long journey and then began to plan. Merric tried to get the more information about Davin from the council, but they had nothing more to provide. Somewhat defeated, the party returned to Beldin’s Rest where they were greeted warmly by Rory and Ruth who had kept their rooms for them. Taking a moment to set up a base, the party decided where to go next. Eman needed to report in with her order and complete some of her prayers and devotions, so she left the party to their planning and headed off on her own for a bit.

Looking at overlook, and the note that they had found, the party decided to head to Blister (one of the more notorious sections of Overlook) to find out some information. Deciding to start with one of the more popular Inns in Blister, the party made their way to the Mountain’s Hearth Inn to see if they could gather a lead. The Inn was busy and the female dwarven owner Reggen was very pleasant and welcoming at first, but quickly turned sour as she began to believe that the party was working for the lost ones. When Merric started asking about purchasing weapons somewhat loudly, Reggen pulled them to the side for a more private conversation. Telling the party that she would not stand for the Lost Ones running any business in her Inn and that she has made that very clear in the past, she offered them the possession that the Dark Creeper Iranda had left when it had stayed there. She demanded payment of 3 gold for the box, and wouldn’t budge in the face of Trazelle or Vesis. One the price was paid, Reggen told them to leave and let the others know that she will not deal with the Lost Ones ever. With a the box in had, the party returned to Beldin’s Rest and retired to their rooms with Ruth and Rory doting on their needs. The box was locked, but Merric made quick work of that and the box was quickly opened. Inside were a number of letters that were written in a strange language and a brass key. Not sure what any of it meant, the party slept for the night to get a fresh start in the morning.

In hopes of finding a scholar who could read the letters, the party went to Tradetown and asked about. One Eladrin, Mellis, was the only one of any help. He couldn’t read the writing, but knew that it wasn’t based on any of the surface world languages he knew. He also could see that they way it was written looked to be invoices or manifests, stating that he had heard a rumor that someone was arming the monstrous races in the outlying areas of the kingdom and these letters seem to somewhat confirm that fact. Thanking him for his time, the party moved on to Nine Bells in hopes that one of the temple clerics might know the language. Sahir felt the most comfortable in the Temple to Bahamet and felt that he has some sway there. Meeting with the head cleric, a Dragonborn named Charles, they offered up the letters in hopes that he could read them. Sadly, he could not, but he recognized the writing as that of the ‘little dark ones’ he sometimes saw in town. After some questioning, he stated that the dark ones, also known as dark creepers, are often seen in the presence of Lost One bodyguards. Thanking him for his time, the party decided to make their way back to Blister to find more information about the dark creepers and the Lost Ones. As they traveled in the streets, they found themselves in a mostly empty alley and two burly humans approaching with the intent to kill.

Sahir spotted the other humans in hiding, and it was clear that it was an ambush. From a distance, their mage fired lightning down on the party, while the others tried to overwhelm the party. However, they weren’t as skilled as the party and they were quickly dispatched. Searching their bodies, the party found symbols that clearly showed they were members of the Lost Ones. The mage was wearing a Necklace of Keys, which Merric took, and two strange letters. One letter was a bounty to collect the brass ring the party had found signed by someone named Modra. The other was a list of bounties that place a price on the heads of the party – everyone but Merric was on the list. With a whole new direction opened, the party decided to return to Beldin’s Rest to regroup and plan. Eman was waiting and chatting with Rory and Ruth, who had made a huge meal for the party. Eating and sharing stories, the party quickly became aware that something was very wrong with the situation and one by one, they passed out on the table, the last thing they could see were the now evil looking smiles of Rory and Ruth.



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