Legends of Adamast

Old men and Old Flames

Spending a nice night in Belden’s Rest, the party was ready to start another day of investigation. The owners, Ruth and Rory Teng – a half-elf and human – were a pleasant couple and answered as many questions as they could. The town was clearly on edge with the impending orc invasion, and that was on most people’s lips. Any trails toward the mystery of Davin’s death were fading away. With no solid leads, the party went to the Grey Redoubt of Rufus Crumley, a rumored necromancer in Shantytown. Making their way back to Shantytown and the grey tower, they pound on the door of Rufus Crumley. Rufus is an older man, with a raspy voice, who is clearly paranoid as he opens only a small window in the door to see who was there. The party asked about a job, but with Eman and Sahir in view, Rufus doubted their willingness to work with him. Things went downhill in the negotiation and Eman demanded that Vesis knock down the door. After an initial and surprising refusal, Vesis agreed that the door should come down. Seeing that the party would not leave and would easily damage his door, Rufus let him inside. In the poorly furnished salon that served as the entry, Rufus wanted to know what they wanted from him. Sahir could smell the faint smell of death, very cleverly hidden and then saw something shamble past behind the only other door in the room. As Sahir moved to see what was behind that door, Rufus blocked the way demanding to know what they wanted. Teleporting behind the door, Sahir could see a zombie roaming the hall. Insulted and angered by the invasion of his home, Rufus threw open the door and demanded they all leave. At that point, Merric could see that the zombie used to be one of Davin’s crew. The party demanded to know where Rufus got the body and he told him that he paid for it fairly from the Lost Ones. He even offered to pay Merric for the body since it seemed to upset him, but negotiations were done. The party had a lead, and left the old man alone with his dead.

Questioning the populous of Shantytown about the Lost Ones netted few results. Most people seemed very scared by the question and one person told them that if they keep asking so many questions, the Lost Ones would find them. Deciding to set a trap, the party went to find a local inn to stay in Shantytown. The easiest to find was an establishment called Clean Sheets. A run down, dirty and completely questionable establishment – Clean Sheets fit the bill. Trazelle lead the group in and met Yarrin Dalovoy, the Halfling who runs Clean Sheets. A strange looking fellow with a large scar on his left cheek, he did his best to try and set the party straight. According to Yarrin, there is no group called the Lost Ones, it is just a trick people play on Rufus to get him to give them money for corpses. Not, according to Yarrin, do you need much of a story for Rufus to pay for the dead since he went crazy years ago and just stays in his tower talking to his dead. Eman did her best to find any lies in Yarrin’s story but the Halfling was speaking truths. Thinking that the best course of actions was to pose a rich patrons ripe for a thieves guild to steal from, the party paid a very small amount for a few rooms in Clean Sheets. Seeing the rooms, it was clear that Clean Sheets was a complete lie and the conditions in the inn were worse than sleeping outdoors or in the gutters. Before they could settle in, Megan Swiftblade found them and told them that the council was calling all adventurers together for the news.

The party went with Megan to High Hall and through the maze of corridors to the council chamber. The all dwarf council let the adventures know that the orc invasion was true. Elder Cadrick, the youngest of the dwarves, spoke to the crowd. The plans were that most of the adventure groups would stay in Overlook to help defend and a segment would be sent to Bordrin’s Watch in the mountains, which is on the main passage into the Orc lands and has stood as the main defense against any uprisings. Edgar Sommerfield and his Farstriders would be going into the vents, tunnels near the mountains to make sure that orcs could not use that as an entry point. The party would be going to the Monastery of the Sundered Chain to make sure that the monks are warned and evacuated in case of orcs. This seemed to anger Edgar for some reason, and it was stated that Edgar wanted to make sure his group was on the most difficult and glorious of the tasks. With their payment arranged and task in had, the party left overlook with a map on how to get to the monastery.

About 5 hours into the trip and almost to the mountain range, the party came across what must be an advanced scouting party of orcs. However, the lead orc and war chief was thrilled to see Trazelle again, and it was discovered that this orc was the leader of Trazelle’s tribe. Believing that Trazelle was bring him a sacrifice, Warchief Domak was quick to anger with Trazelle turned on him. And the epic battle began as the party of orc looked to spill fresh blood and start a new war.



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