Legends of Adamast

Into the Depths

Unable to see down the spiral staircase, the party descended into the depths of the mountain and the Monastery. The stairs opened into a large hall that was once the sleeping and training chamber of the monks in the Monastery, but now it was the scene of a massacre. Bodies of dead dwarves littered the hall, while their murderers rummaged through their belongings. The Orcs turned to face the party, and the group noticed that more than just plain Orcs had joined the raid. There were also Orogs – half orc, half ogre monster who are move vicious than the Orcs. With the sight of the intruding party, they orcs rushed to attack. Trazelle and Vesis took to the front line, while Sahir, Eman and Merric spread out across the back to deal with any surprises. While the main force of the Orcs and Orogs fought the party, one Orc held back, not sure of what to do. When the tide of the battle turned, he took off to warn the others. The party made quick work of the Orcs and Orogs, and when the battle was through they surveyed the room. The hall was beautiful and very ornate, a large statue dedicated to a dwarven hero featured predominately in the center of the room. A quick searched showed that the Orcs had cleared out anything of value. Most interesting was the fact that it was clear that the Orcs had not attacked from above, but rather had somehow come from below. It was most likely this surprise attack that caught the Monastery off guard and lead to the slaughter.

Pressing on for more answers, the party followed the Orc runner down the hall and out into a large open cavern lit by glowing fungus and natural lava pools. It was hot, and the cavern fell sharply away from the ledge they stood upon down to a strange cave off in the distance. A sturdy, but treacherous stairway had been built into the cavern allowing the dwarves access to the cave at the foot of the stairs. While the slope of the stairway was more gentle than the floor of the cavern, it was narrow and one could easily topple from it into the depths of the cavern below. The Orc runner was waiting for the group on the first landing, having summon support to deal with the party. Not only had the Orc called archers that could strike the party from anywhere on the stairs, but a large Orc Sergeant , his underlings, and pet drake joined in the defense. Trazelle charged forward down the stairs, throwing herself into the fray but away from support that could keep her alive. While Merric did his best to get to her, Trazelle took the brunt of the attacks, arrows and clubs striking her from all sides. Merric also had reach with his crossbow, and took aim at clearing as many drudges as he could while trying to get to Trazelle. Vesis and Sahir kept the Orc runner occupied on the first landing, while Eman divided her attention between the swooping drake, the Orc runner, and the approaching drudges. Merric was able to clear out many of the lower Orcs, which bought Trazelle some much needed breathing room, while Eman, Sahir and Vesis put down their orc. The Orc Sergeant rushed up the stairs to confront Trazelle and effectively stopped the party in their tracks, allowing the archers to try and pick them off. Sahir used his connection to the feywild and slide through the planes of existence to grab the Orc Sergeant before teleporting with the Sergeant once more. Sahir and the Sergeant reappeared, with Sahir on the stairway and the Sergeant hovering in mid air. The Sergeant scrambled to grab hold of the side of the stairs, but was unsuccessful and fell a long way to the cavern floor, being gravely wounded in the fall. With the path clear, Trazelle and Vesis brought the fight to the archers and Eman and Merric turned their attention to the swooping menace that was the drake. Merric tooks shots at the drake while the drake took chunks out of Merric, but it was Eman’s blast that finally took the drake down. The Orc Sergeant limped and slide down the cavern floor toward the cave, but Merric put a quick end to that with a well placed bolt to the head. Vesis, Sahir and Trazelle wiped out the last of the archers and the party made it down the rest of the stairway and stood before the large cave.

Carefully making their way into the cave, they could hear shouting. Peaking out from behind the rocks, they could see a full platoon of Orcs, lead by a large Orog Warcheif. The group of Orcs was watching the Orog beat a dwarf into submission, while demanding that the dwarf reopen the tunnels. Looking around the cavern, they could see a collapsed tunnel and a large fire of molten rock and debris slowly spreading in the middle of the room. With their backs turned to the party, they decided to make the most of the opportunity to attack with surprise. Quickly clearing out most of the underlings, the party turned to face an Orc Eye of Gruumish, two strong Orc bodyguards and the leader, Og the Orog. Filled with anger and frustration, Og launched himself at the party, doing what he could to wipe them out. The Orc Eye hindered the party the best he could, but Trazelle knew his power, and made sure that he fell quickly. With Sahir’s assistance, the Orc Eye fell, but Og was soon upon them. Bent on their destruction, Og’s skills proved to be a force to be dealt with.



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