Legends of Adamast

Fate of the Farstriders

After a brief rest, the party pressed on, into the next room of the Nexus. This was a large room, more industrial than the others with two long solid pipe along the west and east walls. Near the entrance, the headless body of one of the Farstriders lay out on the ground. The orc army had placed a small guard here that had been dealing with a pit of fire beetles before the party arrived. Near the pipe on the west wall, a strange small creature in a dark cloak fiddled with the controls for one of the pipes, but quickly stopped his work to help the orcs kill the invaders. The orcs put up a brave, but futile fight and the fire beetles decided to take advantage of the weakened orc forces to attack. Both threats were quickly ended and Sahir made sure that the dark creature didn’t survive. With the orcs down, the party could better take in the room and examine the body. Judging by the clothes and memory, the headless body is that of the Half-elf warlock, Jen. Looting the bodies and supplies, it seemed the dark creature had stolen some nice items from somewhere. An avalanche hammer and a longsword. The longsword seemed plain, but when Sahir held it, he could feel the eyes of Bahamut upon him and the sword was revealed to be a tool in fulfilling Sahir’s oaths.

Kalad informed the group that in order to seal off the nexus tunnels, both pipes needed to be opened with the controls. Easily done, Merric threw the switch and could hear the rushing water and feel the heat coming from the pipes. With that task completed, the party continued north and deeper into the Nexus. In the next hallway, the party had three choices – a door to the north, orcs rummaging in a room to the west and orcs rummaging in a temple to the east. The orcs to the west seemed busy and not paying attention, so the group charged east. Quickly killing the lowly grunts outside the temple room, the party was faced with a more pressing issue. Not only had the orcs destroyed the temple to Moradin, they had brought along a cave troll who was busy chewing on the remains of the rest of the Farstriders. With the party’s arrival, the orcs and troll turned their attention to killing these new arrivals. Trazelle and Vesis rushed forward to deal with the troll, while Sahir, Merric and Eman did what they could to put down the firebomb throwing orcs. But the layout of the temple and the size of the troll made it hard to maneuver and the party was set on fire by the bombs of the orcs. Trazelle discovered not only was the troll resilient, but it was also very strong as it grabbed Trazelle in it’s huge hands. Unable to break free, Trazelle was promptly used as an improvised weapon against Vesis. The troll swung Trazelle like a club, battering Vesis where he stood. Merric cleaned out the grunts with many well placed bolts and Eman helped Sahir wear down and destroy the orc bombers. Soon, all that was left was the troll, who was busily grabbing people and slamming them into their friends. Without access to fire or acid, the troll constant regeneration was difficult to overcome. But with numbers on their side, the party brought the troll to its knees and Sahir – who was on fire from one of the cinderbombs – threw himself atop the unconscious troll and allowed the fire to do its work. The party took a moment to carefully inspect the bodies of Edgar and the rest of his Farstriders, before finding more items of the orc army. A fine set of piecemeal scale armor was claimed by Vesis, and the group went back west to deal with the last of the orcs.

The western area consisted of bunk rooms, the kitchen and dining hall and the orcs who were ransacking them were completely unaware of what was happening around them, allowing the normally very noisy party to get the drop on them. Caught unaware, the orcs were no match and fell quickly. It was unclear what they were looking for in the bunks, but anything of value had been removed from the area and there were no signs of dwarves who used to protect the Nexus. In the kitchen, a choker had moved in and tried to kill Vesis as he explored, but it was no match and quickly came to an end. With the rest of the Nexus cleared and safe, the party only had the door to the north left .



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